Does God
Always Heal?

The Truth about Faith Healing

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Evangelism Story

Nothing Is Impossible for God I felt impressed to visit the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, Manassah Sogavare, and show him our books. But I felt very nervous about meeting with such a high dignitary. Peni Vula, our publishing area manager, was in his office and I talked to him about my impression. He encouraged me to visit Prime Minister Sogavare, then we knelt and Peni prayed that God would give me the right words to speak.

At the inquiry counter for the Prime Minister's office, I took out a set each of My Bible Friends and Great Stories for Kids. Before moving any further, three people placed orders for books from me.

Security phoned the Prime Minister's secretary for me and I asked her if I could have an appointment to see the Prime Minister. She explained that he was a very busy man. I explained that it would take only a short time for me to explain the purpose of my visit and she authorised the guards to allow me to go upstairs to her office.

The secretary agreed to show the books to the Prime Minister while I waited. She came back a short time later asking the prices for the sets of books. I asked if I could explain the price to the Prime Minister and I heard him invite me into his office. The Prime Minister ordered $SBD4000 ($AUD1600) worth of books.

Fellow literature evangelists, with God nothing is impossible! Many times we are afraid to visit people who hold high positions but they too are candidates for heaven! Let's work while it is still day, because the night is coming when no one will be able to work! - Alford Misty, Solomon Islands